PATENT LAW IN SEATTLE, Bellevue, and Surrounding


Seattle Inventors and Issued Patents

The Seattle metropolitan area has a population of over 3.7 million people and is a leading technology center in the US. Between January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017 9,392 patents were issued to inventors in Washington State. Seattle inventors accounted for 4,303 of those patents; 1,269 patents issued to Kirkland inventors; 2,056 patents to Bellevue inventors, and 2,154 patents to Redmond inventors. Other Puget Sound cities include Bothell with 502 patents, Shoreline 132, Renton 333, Everett 164, and Tacoma 188. Note that many patents include multiple inventors from different cities.

Seattle Patent Attorneys

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) there are 536 Seattle patent attorneys and patent agents. Not everyone listed as a Seattle patent attorney or patent agent, however, is currently practicing. There are currently 87 Bellevue patent attorneys; 90 Redmond patent attorneys (64 of whom work for Microsoft); 20 Kirkland patent attorneys; 11 Renton patent attorneys; 19 Bothell patent attorneys; and 4 Tacoma patent attorneys. The largest intellectual property law firm in the Seattle area is Seed IP with 52 Seattle Patent Attorneys. Christensen O'Conner Johnson & Kindness, PLLC is second with 31 Seattle Patent Attorneys. Both Seed and COJK are Seattle patent law institutions. Perkins Coie, is a large business firm, having offices in 19 cities, which maintains a sizeable patent practice in Seattle with 45 Seattle Patent Attorneys.

Other Seattle IP presence

Other large intellectual property players in the region are Intellectual Ventures, which focuses on trading patent rights. Corbis and Getty both located in Seattle, trade in stock photography. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Boeing all have significant influence in the IP landscape within the region.