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A specialized practice with a purpose

Alloy Patent Law was established to help inventors protect their intellectual property. Alloy was built from the ground up to serve their unique legal needs. We provide better service at lower costs than other firms because the practice was designed with only inventors' legal needs in mind.

Alloy is a specialized law practice that works with select clientele to provide pricing and service that are unmatched.

Built to serve inventors

The practice was built to provide the access that inventors need by reducing costs and legal fees.

Alloy dramatically reduces overhead by operating a specialized virtual practice that eliminates the physical office. There are multiple benefits to this model.

Inventors have unmatched access to their patent attorney. Phone or video conferences have proven highly effective and far more convenient to clients, while meetings can be scheduled more flexibly and on shorter notice than traditional in-person meetings.

Alloy has invested in developing a highly efficient and flexible support staff that also operates virtually and remotely, further reducing overhead. Alloy specializes in the specific legal services that artists and inventors require, which allows for significantly improved efficiency over general practice firms that offer IP.

All of these savings are passed directly to our clients. Despite the significant savings, Alloy clients enjoy superior representation and access to a top IP lawyer. 

Superior pricing, representation, access, and overall experience

Alloy clients can expect superior pricing, unparalleled access to their attorney, excellent representation, and an experience that cannot be matched by big law.

Alloy offers a free 30-minute consultation with an intellectual property attorney. Call 206.899.6980 to speak directly to a patent lawyer or request a free consultation online, and an IP attorney will contact you shortly.

Whether you need a patent attorney for a patent search, patent application, or trademark protection, Alloy is here to help.

Best Patent attorney in Seattle

Alloy Mission - access to quality representation

Inventors and artists face unique challenges because their businesses are founded on ideas. Alloy Patent Law recognizes the importance of innovators and strives to protect them and to foster successful businesses in our creative community.

Alloy clients can expect direct access to a top IP attorney working on their case.

Our practice focuses on a few select areas and works with a select clientele in order to tailor our services to their needs. Our practice includes patents, trademarks, and trade secrecy. The majority of our clients are inventors who are working to protect their IP, which means that most of our practice is writing patent applications, patentability opinions, and patent prosecution. Many of our inventor clients have associated businesses, so trademark application, prosecution, and defense also comprise a significant portion of the work. Our clients are from an array of industries: mechanical, manufacturing, automation, software, cannabis, and chemical, to name a few.

Local and nationwide

As a virtual firm specializing in Federal Patent and Trademark law, Alloy is able to serve clients across the country, all while being easier to reach than a firm with a physical office. Alloy was founded in Seattle, and we have additional locations serving San Diego, Portland, and Boise. We are excited about our 2019 expansions to Minneapolis and Dallas. We’re right here when you need us- just a phone call or a click away.


Walker Weitzel

Founder and Principal of Alloy Patent Law, LLC

Patent and IP Attorney


Seattle University School of Law

J.D. 2013, Magna Cum Laude with focus on Intellectual Property Law

Seattle University

B.S. 2005, Mechanical Engineering

Academic Awards

CALI Award for Top Mark in Contracts, Seattle University School of Law

CALI Award for Top Mark in Advanced Copyright Law, Seattle University School of Law

CALI Award for Top Mark in Individual Income Tax, Seattle University School of Law


Admitted to practice law in the State of Washington Bar# 47361

Registered USPTO Patent Attorney Bar# 73544

About the Founder

I founded Alloy Patent Law in 2014 with the core mission of improving inventor access to legal services. I recognized that individual inventors and small businesses had significant legal needs that traditional law firms were not adapted to handle.

While the firm has grown dramatically over the years, the mission has not changed. We are here for the inventors. Accessible quality representation - that’s all we do.

Prior to founding Alloy Patent Law, I spent ten years as an engineer with Electroimpact, a Washington engineering firm specializing in aircraft assembly automation. In my role with Electroimpact, I designed and built a wide variety of aircraft assembly machines, and machine components including machine major structure, machine axes, and process tools. I have developed assembly machines, tools, and processes for aircraft including the 737, 767, 777, 787, F/A 18 Super Hornet, A350, A400M, and multiple orbital satellites.

Importantly, during my time at Electroimpact, I had the pleasure of working with a number of very talented engineers. Many of my colleagues worked on personal projects, and many of those eventually went on to found their own companies based on their work. I worked closely with a number of inventors, and I witnessed firsthand the significance of patents and intellectual property. Electroimpact itself was founded when the owner and president earned a patent on a low-voltage riveting technique that served as the industry standard for aircraft fastening and assembly. The company grew from a small handful of core individuals in 1986 to over 450 employees at most recent count, the bulk of whom are engineers.

While working full time as an engineer, I attended Seattle University School of Law. Despite the demands of my engineering career, I graduated among the top 5% of my class. I received top honors in multiple law courses and a variety significant academic distinctions and merit scholarships during my legal studies.

I entered law school with an idea of what I wanted to do, and clarified that idea during my studies. In 2012, I conceived of Alloy Patent Law and its core mission. In the ensuing years I have continually worked to adapt the practice to provide inventors with the best possible legal representation at reasonable prices. I am proud to work with and help so many talented and creative individuals.





Alloy Patent Law is pleased to offer a variety of legal services related to intellectual property to individual inventors and small businesses. Here’s a brief overview of our offerings:


If you have invented a product or service and are interested in getting a patent, our firm is here to help. We’ll begin by conducting a patentability search to determine whether your invention has already been patented by another party. This can save you from the wasted time and money that comes with a rejected patent request.

In the event your invention is “patentable” and you decide to move forward with your patent, you can count on us to strategically prepare and file your patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Our firm can also handle the maintenance of your patent so you can spend your time and energy on more important matters than routine intellectual property tasks. Learn more about our patent legal services.


A strong trademark can be one of your most valuable business assets. After all, your brand name, logo, and slogan are what build a connection with potential customers or clients. Since selecting trademarks and protecting trademarks is easier said than done, it is in your best interest to work with our experienced trademark lawyers. We can assist you in selecting, filing, protecting, and maintaining trademarks. Learn more about our trademark legal services.

Nondisclosure Agreements

When it comes to protecting your business or intellectual property assets, nondisclosure agreements or NDAs, which are contracts between two or more parties are essential. There are a variety of scenarios that may warrant NDAs including business merger or acquisition discussions, product development meetings, new business presentations, business sale negotiations, and employee onboarding. You can count on us to compose NDAs that safeguard your trade secrets. Learn more about our nondisclosure agreement services.

IP Transactions

Alloy Patent Law has extensive experience in handling all matters of transactions including the creation, use, licensing, and transfer of intellectual property. We can help you strengthen future IP positions while maximizing revenue from your existing IP assets. Learn more about our IP transaction services.

Trade Secret Protection

Your trade secrets reflect your innovations and competitive advantage. Therefore, it’s imperative to protect them properly. Our firm can work with you to protect, maintain, and enforce your trade secret rights and vigorously defend them. We’ll design a unique strategy with your best interests in mind. Learn more about trade secret protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property Questions

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property or IP refers to inventors, artistic and literary works, designs, symbols, images and other creations. It is protected by patents and trademarks to allow inventors to earn recognition or benefit financially from what they create or invent.

What is a patent?

A patent is a right that the federal government grants to an inventor to permit them to exclude others from making, selling, or using their invention for a certain period of time.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase that is used to represent a business or its products.

How do patents and trademarks differ?

While a patent protects a new and non-obvious invention, a trademark protects the branding associated with a certain product or service.

What is a trade secret?

A trade secret is any information that isn’t generally known yet gives a business a competitive advantage.

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

Non-disclosure agreements or NDAs are contracts where one party agrees not to disclose certain information. They are used in essentially every industry and one of the most effective ways to protect trade secrets.

How do I find out if my invention already exists?

A “patentable” invention is one that is novel, useful, and not obvious. Our team can conduct a search to determine whether or not your invention has already been brought to market.

Do I need to do anything to protect my patent?

Once you have a patent, you’ll be required to pay maintenance fees to the federal government 3.5 years, 7.5 years, and 11.5 years from the date the patent was issued. In addition, if infringement occurs, it is your responsibility to stop it by working with an experienced IP attorney.

Alloy Patent Law Questions

What areas does Alloy Patent law serve?

While we have a physical presence in Seattle and San Diego, we are pleased to offer top-notch legal services related to intellectual property to clients in any part of the United States. Regardless of whether you live in Minneapolis, Detroit, Dallas, Portland, or anywhere else, you can count on our legal team to help.

How does Alloy Patent Law stand out from other IP law firms?

Alloy Patent Law focuses on the needs of individual investors and small businesses. This allows us to offer the highest quality services at the very best prices.

Why should I hire Alloy Patent Law to file a patent?

The truth is that patent applications are complex and often beyond the capabilities of an individual who is not familiar with IP law. If you’d like to ensure success when filing for a patent, our firm is an invaluable resource. We can increase your chances of obtaining full value for your concept and guide you through every step of the filing process.

What can I expect to pay if I work with Alloy Patent Law?

We’re pleased to offer exceptional intellectual property law services at competitive fees. Since we are a highly specialized practice that is selective in the clients we work with, we are able to beat traditional IP firm pricing by 30% and general practice firms by 45% or even more. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Does Alloy Patent Law offer free consultations?

Yes! Even if your invention is not quite ready, we highly recommend scheduling a free, 30-minute consultation with us. Our legal team can provide you with valuable advice on how to move forward with your idea, regardless of whether or not it involves filing a patent. For a free consultation, call us at 206.899.6980 or fill out our convenient contact form.


I highly recommend Walker and plan to keep working with him in the future. It’s hard to imagine anyone better.

Walker did an excellent job converting a non-provisional patent (prepared elsewhere) to a non-provisional patent before the original patent expired, though given very short notice. He was friendly, diligent, and meticulous in reviewing background material for a somewhat novel device and writing a detailed patent application providing formidable protection, yet written broadly enough to allow future design adaptations.  

His technical abilities are superior, and his legal knowledge and insight is substantial. For very reasonable fixed fee, Walker provided free initial consultation, an in-office meeting, and personally answered several phone calls and email inquiries with same friendly and professional attitude. I highly recommend Walker and plan to keep working with him in the future. It’s hard to imagine anyone better. Thank you Walker!!  

—James, Seattle WA

He is very knowledgeable and charges less than others in the larger law firms.

I wish Walker Weitzel at Alloy was around when I first applied for a patent. He is very knowledgeable and charges less than others in the larger law firms. I wanted a second opinion on enforcing a patent I have. He pointed out a couple things my more expensive lawyer missed and saved me a lot of money in the long run. I will be using Alloy again.

I'm writing this review because as a small Business owner myself, I like to see other small businesses succeed.

—Kurt, Raleigh NC

Alloy Patent Law is ON IT. There's no good reason for Seattle inventors to go anywhere else.

—Greg, Portland OR

Walker was extremely thorough, and found some foreign patents that were relevant to the application process.

I had Alloy perform an initial patent search for a product I'm developing.  I had researched the patent on my own for a couple weeks, and had found nothing.  Walker was extremely thorough, and found some foreign patents that were relevant to the application process.

I am now working with him to write a more concise, specific patent application that will not incorporate the ideas in the previous art.

I'll definitely work with Alloy on upcoming projects.

—Charles, Seattle WA

…constantly looking out for our business…

We at Vuber have been extremely pleased with Walker's knowledge and honesty. He is constantly looking out for our business and seems to pride himself on his customer service. We look forward to using his services for years to come. 

—Ryan, Seattle WA

…I will definitely be calling on Walker next time…

Legal situations can easily turn stressful, fortunately that was not my experience working with Walker.  In addition to resolving our situation in a very satisfactory manner, Walker was excellent in communicating from the beginning.  He did the research and laid out possible scenarios, keeping me in the loop along the way and letting me know what possible contingencies may occur and the effect (and cost) it could have for us.  While I try to avoid talking to lawyers as much as possible, I will definitely be calling on Walker next time I need one.

—Daniel, Kirkland WA

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